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At Electronic Fix we dont only service laptops and computers for Brisbane but can also repair your ipads, as well as other iDevices. Our great services are carried out by experienced professionals, so you can have peace of mind that your iDevice will be returned to you in mint condition. 

iPhone 3g / 3gs repairs just $69

We are happy to offer a repair for iPhone 3g / 3gs LCD or Digitizers. This will only take one hour, but you will need to book in your iphone to receive this convenient service. 

The iPhone, no matter the generation, is a sophisticated electronic device with many fragile internal components. These internal electronics can be damaged through physical impacts or invasive moisture. If your iPhone is damaged, bring it into us. We will be able to repair or replace the damaged components, such as the screen or digitizer, for a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new phone. 

We understand that many people require their phone for work or other purposes. That is why we are happy to provide a loan phone for the duration of the repair so that your affairs are not put on hold unnecessarily.

fix broken ipad brisbane

iPhone 4g/4gs screen repair just $99

iPhone 5 screen repair just $160

The iPhone is much more advanced and complicated than the iPhone 3, and so costs for repairs are different. For example, unlike in the iPhone 3, the iPhone 4 LCD and Digitiser come as one unit, and so the two components cannot simply be separated and replaced.

Our technicians have many years of combined experience in repairing devices of all sorts. We have become experts in repairing Apple iDevices, such as the iPhone 4G / 4GS.

Whether your iPhone has a cracked screen or internal water damage, bring your iPhone to us! We provide a thorough and prompt repair and replacement service.

Fix Broken ipad Brisbane

iPad 1/2/3/4 screens repaired just $169

No matter what generation or capacity you iPad is (excluding iPad Mini), our screen repairs will always cost the same. This is because all of the iPad's use exactly the same digitizers and LCD's. 

We are also able to replace faulty dock / charger connectors on the iPad for just a fraction of the cost of complete replacement. We always have spare iPad parts in stock so that any replacement services that you require will be done quickly, without having to wait for new parts to come in. Most  repairs can be carried out the same day that you come in!


iPod touch 4 screen repair just $80

We provide excellent repair iPod Brisbane services. Whether it is a broken LCD or Digitizer to dmagaed logic boards and hard drives, we have the skills and experience needed to successfuly replace these important components. We can replace a iPod Touch colour screen within one hour!

Not only can we replace the important components that are essential to the operation of the device, but we can also perform cosmetic repairs. This includes front and rear covers as well as buttons and clickwheels!


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